Statement of Capabilities

Over 47+ years of success in personnel selection, organizational development, human-resource consulting, and personnel placement.

Background of the Firm

Morris & McDaniel was founded in 1976. The principals have since been engaged full-time in the business of personnel screening and human-resources development. Morris & McDaniel is independently veteran-owned and operated, and a certified small business pursuant to 13 CFR Part 121.

The company has offices in:

    • Washington (Alexandria, Virginia)
    • New Orleans (Metairie, Louisiana)
    • Memphis, Tennessee
    • Jackson, Mississippi

Our experience includes a broad range of personnel management and personnel screening and vetting to local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as to private industry. Morris & McDaniel provides research and consulting expertise that combines behavioral science principles with statistical analysis and a practical, defensible approach tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our staff comprises experienced specialists with advanced degrees in the areas of industrial/organizational psychology, experimental psychology, public administration, criminal justice, sociology, and law. Staff expertise also extends to data analysis, computer applications, conduct and management of both national and international-level criminal and counterintelligence operations, and management of large numbers of federal criminal investigators and counterintelligence agents.

Morris & McDaniel’s International Division was established in 2004. For three years, our firm assisted the U.S. Department of Defense in assessing candidates for the Iraqi Civilian Police Force at testing centers in Baghdad, Erbil, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah, Al Kut, Al Hillah, and Basrah. We also participated in screening and translation of scoring procedures for the National Iraqi Intelligence Agency in Baghdad.

In January 2014, we screened more than 30,000 candidates in over 85 locations country wide for the Uganda Police Force.

In 2019, we screened entry-level candidates for the State of San Luis Potosi, United States of Mexico Law, and the State of Guanajuato, United States of Mexico Law Enforcement Entities.

In 2022, we screened entry-level candidates for the Fiji Police Force.

Our Products

Using its pool of in-house expertise and drawing on multiple experienced consultants, Morris & McDaniel has compiled an extensive library of tests applicable to a wide spectrum of employers’ personnel needs.

Clients consult one-on-one with our expert professional staff to select from our in-depth library of tests the combination best suited to help the client make informed personnel decisions. Our tests will generate reliable information on the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as the candidate’s ability to function smoothly within the client’s organization.

Most importantly, Morris & McDaniel’s efforts on clients’ behalf do not end with the selection of a particular test or battery of tests. We continue to work directly with each client to refine the testing process and to tailor our existing instruments to meet the client’s particular needs. In addition, we are always available to train and consult the client’s human-resources staff on how best to effectively use the test results in the employment decision process.

Morris & McDaniel has developed, validated and administered pre-employment tests for the following industries:

    • Federal, State, and Local Protective Services
    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical
    • Financial
    • Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical
    • Nuclear Energy

Company Services

Employee-Selection Procedures

Our projects involve designing valid job-knowledge tests and assessment centers that are tailored to specific occupations and work settings, implementing the selection process for private- and public-sector clients, and conducting structured interviews for placement of managerial personnel.

Job-knowledge tests have been developed for numerous police and fire departments, social service workers, and grain operators, to name only a few occupations. We have considerable experience in developing and implementing non-traditional tests, e.g., practical simulation tests using videos, multiple-choice in-baskets, and a structured oral process.

Assessment Centers

Morris & McDaniel personnel have considerable experience in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art assessment centers for supervisory and managerial positions. Adding to this experience, Morris & McDaniel personnel have developed programs and seminars on assessment methodology.

Our projects have involved the use of multiple assessment techniques and exercises tailored to specific occupations and work settings, as well as multiple-trained observers and assessors. Our work in assessment centers involves not only design and implementation, but also training seminars and professional lectures and articles.

In many instances, because of the large number of candidates, innovations were used which included video-based situational exercises, multiple-choice formatted management exercises, and sometimes extensive use of video recordings to ease the administrative burdens associated with the use of assessors and large numbers of candidates.

Development and Validation of Testing Instruments

Morris & McDaniel can develop tests and other methods designed to select the individuals whose strengths best match the demands of the job. Valid personnel tests will improve the organization’s productivity and its competitive edge. Our firm is experienced in developing and validating entry-level and promotional examinations designed to select the most suitable individuals for specific jobs.

Partial List of Clients

United States Government

  • Department of Defense
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Secret Service
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of the Army
  • National Nuclear Security Administration,
  • Department of Energy


  • Port of New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Amtrak
  • Canal Barge
  • Crounse Corporation
  • Blessey Marine Services, Inc.
  • Golding Barge Line, Inc.
  • KLLM Transport Services
  • Jackson, Mississippi, International Airport
  • Kansas City, Missouri, International Airport
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


  • State of Tennessee Emergency Medical Services
  • Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, Hospital
  • Pioneer Health Services

State and Local Protective Services

  • New York City, New York, Police and Fire Departments
  • Newport News, Virginia, Police and Fire Departments
  • Chicago, Illinois, Fire Department
  • Richmond, Virginia, Police Department
  • Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
  • State of Mississippi Highway Patrol
  • Palm Beach County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff’s Office
  • Norfolk, Virginia, Police and Fire Departments
  • Dayton, Ohio, Police and Fire Departments
  • Tucson, Arizona, Police Department
  • Houston, Texas, Police and Fire Departments
  • University of Texas at Houston Police Department
  • Memphis, Tennessee, Police and Fire Departments
  • Austin, Texas, Police Department
  • Atlanta, Georgia, Fire Department

Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical

  • LyondellBasell
  • Invista
  • Placid Refining Company LLC
  • Atmos Energy Corporation (formerly Mississippi Valley Gas)

International Protective Services

  • Republic of Uganda, Uganda Police Force
  • State of San Luis Potosi, United States of Mexico Law Enforcement Entities
  • State of Guanajuato, United States of Mexico Law Enforcement Entities
  • Republic of the Fiji Islands, Fiji Police Force


  • Bowater Newsprint South
  • Gramercy Alumina LLC
  • Mosaic Company
  • Nalco Company
  • Equistar Chemicals


  • Mississippi Tax Commission
  • Bancorp South (formerly Bank of Mississippi)
  • Regions Bank (formerly Deposit Guaranty National Bank)
  • Touche Ross & Co.
  • Trustmark National Bank

Nuclear Eenergy

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant, Killona, Louisiana
  • Pantex Plant

Selected Project Summaries

The State of Guanajuato and the State of San Luis Potosi, United States of Mexico

Field-tested an entry-level test to screen individuals seeking entry to both States various law enforcement-related entities; to screen existing employees of these entities for continuing fitness to serve; and to contribute to the screening process for candidates seeking internal promotion within the organization.

Uganda Police Force, Republic of Uganda

Provided entry-level test battery to screen individuals seeking entry to the Uganda Police Force.

Fiji Police Force, Republic of the Fiji Islands

Provided entry-level test battery to screen individuals seeking entry to the Uganda Police Force.

Pantex Plant, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy

A current contract to provide entry-level assessments of new hires at the plant near Amarillo, Texas.

Afghan National Police

An initiative currently under development and negotiation sponsored by the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) of the U.S. Department of Justice, this anticipated project is for Morris & McDaniel to design and implement a model police screening program for the Narcotics Division of the Afghan National Police. ICITAP anticipates utilizing the project as a blueprint for similar situations in future.

Iraqi Civilian Police Force

Screening and vetting applicants in order to aid in the reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

New York City Police Department

Screening and vetting for police service promotional personnel.

New York City Fire Department

Screening and vetting for fire service promotional personnel.

Chicago Fire Department

Screening and vetting for fire service promotional personnel.

State of New Jersey

Screening for statewide instructor positions within the fire service.

Akron, Ohio, Civil Service Commission

Screening and vetting for management positions in the Akron Police and Fire Departments.

United States Secret Service

Screening and vetting for management positions.


Screening and vetting of entry-level and promotional security personnel for the national train system.

Dayton, Ohio, Police Department, Fire Department and Civil Service Board

Screening and vetting for protective service/security positions in the Fire Department and Police Department.

Louisiana: Kenner Police Department, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Gretna Police Department, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, Denham Springs Police Department, Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, East Jefferson Levee District, Louisiana Department of Transportation, Tulane Health and Sciences Campus Police Department, Harahan Police Department, Port of New Orleans Police Department

Screening and vetting for entry-level police and correctional deputies for various law enforcement agencies in the State of Louisiana.

City of Boston, Massachusetts

Screening and vetting of entry-level and promotional police positions.

Cleveland Fire Department, Cleveland, Ohio

Developing a screening/vetting test for applicants in national and international entry-level protective service positions.

Maryland State Police, Pikesville, Maryland

Screening and vetting for promotional police jobs.

Port of New Orleans, Louisiana

Screening and vetting of entry-level police officers.

Mississippi State Department of Education

In our reorganization of the State Department of Education, we applied careful organizational analysis and process-driven procedures to help the Department convert goals such as “reduce bureaucratic bottle necks,” “reduce agency salary allocation by 10%,” “increase leadership,” and “increase agency efficiency” into operational realities. Both the Mississippi State Personnel Board and the Mississippi Legislature approved our management plan for implementation.

Natchez-Adams School District, Mississippi

The educational study was conducted in two phases. The first phase was designed primarily to gather substantial information about the district. This foundation of information allowed the principal investigation for the study and the majority of the board members to determine the value of proceeding to the second phase. Input was sought from the school personnel and 38 personnel interviews were conducted.

The second phase involved developing a model based on input from a panel of subject-matter experts representing over 100 years of collective experience in school administration. The proposed organizational structures along with recommendations greatly improved the quality of the service the administration provides to the school district and substantially reduced administrative costs.

SANYO Manufacturing Corporation

Screening and vetting of entry-level employees.

New Orleans, Louisiana, Public Utilities Service, Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant, and Steel Services Corporation

Screening and vetting procedures for this security-sensitive industry were developed. In addition, Morris & McDaniel conducted training for supervisors at the nuclear plants to help them identify unreliable workers.

AT&T (formerly SunCom), Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi

Screening and vetting procedures were developed for managers and customer service representatives for the Service Division of this telecommunications company.

Atmos Energy (formerly Mississippi Valley Gas)

Screening and vetting for this petroleum-based corporation.

KLLM Trucking Lines

Screening and vetting for truck-driver applicants.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Screening and vetting for customer service jobs for the retail chain.

Canal Barge Corporation, New Orleans, Louisiana

Screening and vetting for entry-level jobs for the transportation corporation. Testing and interviewing for management level positions ranging from executive level to administrative assistants.

Bowater Newsprint South Paper Plant, Grenada, Mississippi

Screening and vetting for employees and management at this national paper plant.

Cargill, New Orleans, Louisiana

Testing for promotional opportunities within Grain Elevator Operations.

European Union Congress

Morris & McDaniel conducted a cross-national survey of business companies concerning the use of formal selection tests in the recruitment and selection process for higher status jobs. England, France, and The Netherlands were included in the survey.

Department of the Army, Forces Command Division, Washington, D.C.

After conducting a needs analysis, Morris & McDaniel developed and conducted two three-day train the trainer workshops for managers in the Forces Command Division of the Department of the Army.

Topics such as developing performance standards for appraisal purposes, training employees in standards development and training techniques in general were covered in the three-day training. A self-study text for use by supervisors was also developed to serve as a guide in writing performance standards.

Job Development and Training, State of Tennessee and State of Mississippi, and the Comprehensive Employment Training Act, U.S. Department of Labor

Screening and vetting of candidates for numerous service-industry jobs.

Series of Personnel Seminars, London, England

Morris & McDaniel, Ltd., in conjunction with Morris & McDaniel, conducted a series of seminars on the following issues: “The Uses and Abuses of Selection Tests,” “Recent Developments in Assessment Centers,” and “Issues of Validity in Selection Testing.”

Organizational Development and Screening and Vetting Services for the Branch Office of National Financial Institution, Jackson, Mississippi

Morris & McDaniel conducted organizational assessment by individual interviews with managers and other key personnel to identify the underlying causes and employee perceptions that contributed to low productivity and morale and inadequate communication among all levels of management at a branch office of a private accounting firm in Jackson.

Based upon this analysis, and with managerial participation, we developed and implemented a successful program of group problem-solving, conflict management, and job redesign.

BancorpSouth (formerly Bank of Mississippi), Tupelo, Mississippi

Under this six-month contract, we performed preliminary assessment and vetting of top management in this finance institution and developed an Organizational Feedback Questionnaire that was administered to over 600 employees in its headquarters and branch offices. The questionnaire measured 10 dimensions related to working conditions, supervision, and interpersonal and work processes.

A report of survey results identifying several problem areas was presented to management and all bank employees, and formed the basis for changes in the bank’s management practices.

Export Credit Guarantee Department, British Civil Service, England

Morris & McDaniel developed and conducted a pilot training program for middle-grade female civil servants. The training was designed to increase the participants’ personal effectiveness and to enhance their skill development.

Mississippi State Tax Commission

This was a four-phase project to establish the monetary value of 40 jobs in the State Tax Commission. First, job analyses and job classifications were performed using the Position Analysis Questionnaire method to describe the jobs and to rank them within the agency according to job evaluation points.

Second, a survey of similar jobs in government agencies and private businesses was conducted within the state and adjacent geographical hiring areas to determine the relevant labor market. Third, job salaries were determined based on the external survey and the internal job evaluation.

Fourth, as a direct outcome of the first three phases, Morris & McDaniel recommended that the agency restructure its departments into more logical groupings of job functions. The state legislature approved the changes, which were instituted by the agency.

Mississippi State Personnel Board

This was a three-phase project to establish the monetary value of several jobs in the Motor Vehicle Comptroller’s Office.

First, job analyses and job classifications were performed using the Position Analysis Questionnaire method to describe the jobs and to rank them within the agency according to job evaluation points. Second, a survey of similar jobs in government agencies and private businesses was conducted within the state and adjacent geographical hiring areas to determine the relevant labor market. Third, job salaries were determined based on the external survey and the internal job evaluation.

Manpower Services Commission, England

Morris & McDaniel, Ltd., conducted action research, with the end result a practical strategy guide of the opportunities in the technical and vocational educational arena. This research was conducted under the auspices of the Manpower Services Commission.

Comprehensive Job Analysis and Selection Procedure Development for 340 State Jobs, State of Mississippi

Screening and vetting for 340 state jobs in the public sector for the State of Mississippi.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Screening and vetting program for power plant operators and other positions. In addition, Morris & McDaniel conducted training for supervisors to help them identify unreliable workers.

City of Akron, Ohio

After a review of the job, we developed an In-Basket exam for the position of Administrative Assistant. We also developed a highly structured scoring guide to be used by assessors in the evaluation of an in-basket.

Mississippi Department of Insurance

This was a four-phase project to establish the monetary value of jobs in the Mississippi Department of Insurance. First, job analyses and job classifications were performed using the Position Analysis Questionnaire method to describe the jobs and to rank them within the agency according to job evaluation points. Second, a survey of similar jobs in government agencies and private businesses was conducted within the state and adjacent geographical hiring areas to determine the relevant labor market. Third, job salaries were determined based on the external survey and the internal job evaluation. Fourth, as a direct outcome of the first three phases, Morris & McDaniel recommended that the agency restructure its departments into more logical groupings.

Our management plan was submitted to the Mississippi State Personnel Board and the Mississippi Legislature and was subsequently approved by both for implementation.

State Personnel Board, State of Mississippi

One hundred senior and middle managers in different state government agencies were trained in fundamental as well as executive level managerial skills and knowledge. The training was conducted over an eight-week period, six hours per week, to three separate classes. Management skills which were covered in the training included planning systems, task and job analysis, Program Evaluation and Review Technique, interpersonal communications, stress management and conflict resolution, staff motivation and job enrichment, time management and managerial perspectives.

Mississippi Department of Public Welfare

This three-phase project was conducted in all local welfare offices in the state to increase productivity and to reduce an unacceptably high error rate. First, a job analysis was performed to identify the causes of errors made by eligibility case workers and to determine their training needs. Second, a training and testing program was designed to increase job knowledge and skill levels and to standardize work procedures in all local offices. Third, a one and one-half week testing and training course was conducted throughout the state that assessed employee skills and successfully reduced the error rate to conform to federal regulations.

Mississippi Public Service Commission

This was a four-phase project to establish the monetary value of jobs in the Public Service Commission. First, job analyses and job classifications were performed using the Position Analysis Questionnaire method to describe the jobs and to rank them within the agency according to job evaluation points. Second, a survey of similar jobs in government agencies and private businesses was conducted within the state and adjacent geographical hiring areas to determine the relevant labor market. Third, job salaries were determined based on the external survey and the internal job evaluation. Fourth, as a direct outcome of the first three phases, Morris & McDaniel recommended that the agency restructure its departments into more logical groupings. Our management plan was submitted to the Mississippi State Personnel Board and the Mississippi Legislature and was subsequently approved by both for implementation.

Mississippi Department of Human Services

This project was a comprehensive study of various positions within the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The initial step was to meet with various levels of management to discuss the project and to become familiar with the managers’ perceptions of their divisions and departments within the Department of Human Services. The next step was to conduct structured interviews with incumbents in various positions to gather data on the structure of the organization and to identify assets and problems from within the three divisions studied. A report identifying several problem areas was presented to management and formed the basis for changes in management practices. The Mississippi State Personnel Board and the Mississippi Legislature both approved the plan for implementation.

U.S. Department of Labor, Jobs Training Partnership Act, Nashville, Tennessee, and Memphis, Tennessee

This project consisted of three phases: developing a state-approved curriculum in psychiatric aide skills, surveying local hospitals to incorporate their needs into the training program; conducting a 12-week program headed by two trained registered nurses; and conducting placements of successful graduates.

Organizational Development for a Food-Processing Plant

This year-long project was a comprehensive study throughout all levels of a large, private food-processing company. Following interviews with top management, the consulting team’s three-phase diagnostic process comprised (1) structured interviews with a stratified sample of employees, concentrating on production workers and first-line supervisors, to gather data on employee attitudes and perceptions; (2) direct observations of plant operations and working conditions; and (3) an industry-wide survey comparing this plant with others concerning current employment practices and working conditions.

The organizational development phase of the project consisted of designing and assisting the company in the development of a new personnel management program. The quality of supervisory staff was improved through developing and implementing a test and interview battery and establishing new selection procedures. Two-way communication between management and production workers was improved.

Lastly, working conditions were improved and a new employee incentive program was instituted to increase morale and decrease the high turnover rate.


On Morris & McDaniel’s Assessments of Candidates for the Iraqi Civilian Police Force

“Thanks for all you did to help us ensure we were enrolling and training only candidates with the necessary aptitude.”

Lieutenant General Joseph F. Fil, Jr., U.S. Army

Commanding General, Civilian Police Assistance Training Team

“We believe the testing protocol is exactly what is needed at this stage of the recruitment program. It “raises the bar” from the current simple literacy test to a test based on skills and competency

“We have also been very impressed with the dedication and professionalism exhibited by Dr. Morris and his staff. They have been on site at our testing center every day administering the entry-level test and making themselves and their resources available to the Recruiting Section. They have worked hard, under very difficult circumstances in order to deliver a quality product. Their team approach recognizes the fact that we all have the same goal, which is to provide the Iraqi Police service with quality candidates.

“In conclusion, we believe the testing protocol meets the current and future needs of the Iraqi Police service. With the implementation of the Morris and McDaniel test we have fulfilled a goal of both the Coalition and the Iraqi Police Command staff to deliver quality police candidates. Absent this test, our only alternative is to fall back and administer the simple literacy test, which would be a step in the wrong direction.” [Emphasis in original.]

Melvin J. Goudie, Director

Baghdad Police College, Civilian Police Assistance Training Program

“I have had the responsibility for overseeing your contract for implementation of the Iraqi Police Service Screening program. The purpose of the project was to determine whether scientific selection procedures similar to those employed in the United States could be used to advantage by the Iraqi Police Service to select better candidates for entry into the training program than had been produced in the period following the cessation of hostilities leading to the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime…

“[Y]our company has met all contract deadlines and project goals, sometimes in the face of daunting challenges and you are to be congratulated for that… There appears to be a consensus of opinion among all responsible officials that the quality of candidates at the Baghdad Police College is higher than in the past since the screening program was instituted. Both the recruiting arm and the training arm of the Baghdad Police College are pleased with the results produced to date by your screening program and are anxious to see the program continued.

“At all times during my association with you on the project, your company has been responsive to all our requests for special reports and to our requests for briefings to keep us abreast of the project.

“Based upon my knowledge of the program, I would say that there is no question that the Iraqi Police Service would reap a great benefit from the continued use of the proven selection tests developed by Morris & McDaniel to determine which applicants are best suited for entry into the various police training programs operated both in Baghdad and throughout the various regions of Iraq.”

Colonel George A. Biszak, U.S. Marine Corps

Civilian Police Assistance Training Program, Iraq

Other Testimonials

“We shall forever be grateful for your introduction of this modern format of recruit selection. It made us proud and we are thankful. It has improved the quality of students that will come to the Police Training School and so training them will be easy.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Kafeero Moses

Director of the Uganda National Police Academy

“My HR team and our hiring managers here have been pleased with the quality of candidates they are interviewing and our hire rate has improved significantly.”

Donn Paul, Vice President, Human Resources

Pioneer Health Services, Mississippi

“When you subtract from your invoices the value of the bad hires we didn’t make as a result of using the M&M material, LyondellBasell clearly got the value for its money (and much more). If only we could make investments like this every day!”

Stephen A. McCarthy, Senior Counsel


“Dr. Morris and his entire staff are true professionals and are experts in their field. They are meticulous… M&M is an invaluable asset to our selection process.”

Paul Berardi, Deputy Chief of Professional Development

Kansas City, Missouri, Fire Department

“Morris & McDaniel has been our vendor of CHOICE for Police and Fire Rescue testing since 2002. Not only have they met all deadlines and provide a high degree of professionalism, but regularly meet expectations. Their high degree of professionalism is noted as well by the candidates beginning with the orientation right up to the testing administration/assessment center activities…”

Thomas J. Aragno, Manager

Department of Human Resources, City of Norfolk, Virginia

Team of Professionals


Dr. David M. Morris, founder and President of Morris & McDaniel, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology, with licensing in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology, a Juris Doctorate, and is a graduate of the Yale EMBA program (Class of 2024). Dr. Morris has held academic positions and has taught courses in industrial and related areas of psychology. He has conducted psychological testing research for both public and private sector clients for over four decades. He pioneered the development and use of innovative techniques and alternatives to traditional paper and pencil tests.

Dr. Morris’s dual career as an I/O psychologist and attorney affords him a unique perspective of Title VII and the development of personnel procedures. There are probably fewer than ten individuals in the U.S. licensed to practice both I/O psychology and law. His forte is hiring and promoting the best candidates as well as building legal defensibility into the design of the personnel system and building diversity.

Dr. Morris, through his firm Morris & McDaniel, provides talent management services, with a primary focus in public safety, guiding senior management on the creation and implementation of systems for staff development, compensation, retention, and legal compliance. Key clients include cities such as New York, Houston, and Chicago, and countries like Mexico, Iraq, and Uganda.

Nationally, Morris & McDaniel has developed written tests and conducted entry-level and/or promotional examinations for +250 public safety organizations in 28 States and D.C., from: California to New York, Massachusetts to Florida. Morris & McDaniel is the primary testing supplier to the NYPD and FDNY, the largest civil service in the U.S.; designing and implementing tests for high stakes supervisory roles citywide.

Morris & McDaniel devised a plan to increase diversity in the Philadelphia City Police in 1998, testing +1000 entry-level recruits using a multiple-choice test combined with a structured oral process, resolving a years-long consent decree and the City’s adoption of our procedures.

For the city of New Haven, CT, Morris & McDaniel designed new tests for New Haven, CT, after a 2009 Supreme Court ruling that the City’s testing system for Fire Lieutenants and Captains was discriminatory (ratio of white to minority candidates passing was 2:1). Since 2015, testing shows no statical differences in the pass rate of white and minority candidates, increasing diversity in senior roles.

Designing a multiple-choice test and a structured oral process for the entry-level fire selection process for Austin, TX in 2014, Morris & McDaniel helped the city successfully address racial discrimination challenges. The Department of Justice voluntarily ended the consent decree after just four years.

For Kansas City, MO Fire Department, Morris & McDaniel redesigned the entry-level selection procedures to increase diversity, so that today the black representation in the department matches the relevant labor market, and women make up 13% (3 times the national representation of women in the fire service). Further, we helped Houston redesign the promotional test for their fire department following the Bazile Court case in 2013, achieving greater diversity (increased Blacks in the passing list by 208%) and promotion of the best candidates regardless of ethnicity.

Internationally, Morris & McDaniel developed and implemented a screening test for potential candidates for the Iraqi Police Service. From 2004–2007, +400,000 candidates were tested and +70,000 were approved, none of whom went on to turn a weapon on a colleague or a coalition force member.

In 2009, our firm engaged with the Afghan Minister of Interior, Hanif Atmar, and U.S. agencies to develop an entry-level police force test focusing on cognitive abilities without requiring literacy. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued due to tribal tensions.

Morris & McDaniel developed and conducted entry-level police officer screening procedures for +40,000 candidates, for the Ugandan Police Force in 2014. New recruits accurately mirror the composition of Ugandan society and its +80 constituent tribes.

In 2015, Morris & McDaniel was invited by the South Sudanese Minister of Interior, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, to develop and conduct inter-tribal, job-related entry-level police officer screening and vetting procedures for the national police service. This project was discontinued due to deterioration in the political stability of the country.

In Mexico, we field tested innovative procedures evaluating police recruit honesty in October 2019. Our firm identified 5/44 recruits in San Louis Potosi and 13/106 recruits in Guanajuato for probationary monitoring based on susceptibility to cartel influence.

In 2019, Morris & McDaniel was invited by the Fijian Deputy Commissioner of National Police, Itendra Nair, to develop and conduct training to improve selection and promotions for first responders (police). Due to the pandemic, this testing was completed successfully in Fall 2022, showing its effectiveness to the National Police Force.

In 2013, Dr. Morris addressed 2013 INTERPOL General Assembly in Cartagena, Colombia on increasing diversity and strengthening police by improved selection and promotions (first non-public official keynote speaker).

Dr. Morris was invited to address seven FBI National Academy Associates Inc. Chapters’ Retrainer conferences since 2013, on strengthening internal security through diversity and resolving internal threats. These conference sessions were attended by Ministers of Interior and /or Defense in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Senegal, Indonesia, and the United States.

Dr. Morris served as expert witness in +30 legal cases, from District to Federal District Court levels, and state courts providing testimony on matters relevant to legal compliance with prevailing statues. In the 1995 case Mulderrig & Hunter v. the City of Philadelphia, the judge cited the testimony Dr. Morris provided to be ‘credible and controlling’.

In 2001, Dr. Morris served as Visiting Faculty at Harvard Medical School: Contemporary Applications of Psychological Testing.

Dr. Morris is a member of many professional associations including the APA Division 14, the International Public Management Association – Human Resources, the IPMA Assessment Council, the American Bar Association, and the American College of Forensic Psychology.

For over 47 years, Dr. Morris, as principal of the firm, has amassed an extensive background in the development and administration of valid, state-of-the-art screening procedures that assess abilities and character, and promotional procedures, both of which can be used to address insider threat, an important attribute to uncover in today’s world, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Morris has been with the firm upon its founding in 1976.



Joseph F. Nassar, semi-retired Vice President of Operations, holds a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and has completed course work toward his Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. Mr. Nassar has served as Assistant Project Director and Senior Staff Consultant on public- and private-sector projects.

His professional work experience includes job analysis, job evaluation, job-evaluation audits and interviews, development, and administration of valid written knowledge tests (entry-level selection and promotional) and performance-based exercises for use in assessment center and oral board procedures, organizational/ management analysis, and development and administration of training programs. Mr. Nassar has also conducted candidate orientation sessions for test candidates and worked with subject matter experts in written test and performance-based assessment exercise development and editing for content and accuracy of test question and assessment exercises. He is also thoroughly experienced in written test and performance-based assessment administration, assessor training, monitoring of the scoring process by assessors, and conducting a Second-Review Process (Appeal/Review) by test candidates.

Mr. Nassar has professional experience in selection and promotional assessment procedures (job analysis, performance-based exercise development, administration, scoring, and monitoring) for jurisdictions and organizations such as Lyondell Basell.

Mr. Nassar has been with the firm of Morris & McDaniel for over 47 years.



Judge McMillin retired from his position as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of the State of Mississippi in April 2004, having served on the Court since 1995. He was Chief Judge for over half of his tenure on the Court. Judge McMillin joined the firm of Morris & McDaniel in May 2004 as General Counsel and Vice President for Operations.

From 2004-2007, Judge McMillin spent the majority of his time on the ground in Baghdad, Iraq, where he headed a team at the Baghdad Police Academy, which implemented a screening test for potential candidates for the Iraqi Police Service (IPS). Morris & McDaniel developed and translated the American version of its highly successful tests into Arabic and submitted the translated version to a panel of experts to verify translation accuracy and to probe the tests for cultural or social concerns that had to be addressed before the test was administered. Over 70,000 Iraqi civilians were tested using our firm’s test instrument. Successful test candidates entered the Police Academy for training.

As Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, Judge McMillin gained invaluable experience in administering large and complex case and court operations where the timely meeting of deadlines was critical to the success of the institution. As General Counsel and Vice President of Operations, Judge McMillin uses his administrative skills to ensure that various aspects of a project remain on track and that all critical deadlines are met. He also provides thoroughly researched and well documented legal advice and counsel.



Thomas V. Fuentes, Vice President for International Development, specializes in domestic and international law enforcement and national security matters. Mr. Fuentes is a member of the U.S Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, and has served on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee, was a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Policing Steering Committee, the G-8 Law Enforcement Projects Group, and on many other bilateral and multilateral working groups. He expanded the FBI’s Office of International Operations to 76 offices in U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide; coordinated interagency intelligence operations with the CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency; and forged strong partnerships with foreign government officials and their law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies.

Mr. Fuentes is a graduate of the FBI’s National Executive Institute, a member of the FBI’s National Academy Associates, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Business and Public Administration. He is a regular contributor to CNN and other domestic and international media. He has appeared on BBC World, Al Jazeera, the History, Discovery and National Geographic Channels and PBS Frontline. His one-hour interview on China’s CCTV network was viewed by 400 million people in China and two billion worldwide.

He has lectured at Princeton University, the law schools at Georgetown and George Washington Universities, and at the National Defense University. He has testified before congressional committees and briefed congressmen and federal executives on highly sensitive cases. Mr. Fuentes has worked closely with U.S. Ambassadors and senior executives at the Departments of State, Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, and at the National Security Council. He has also worked with top officials in foreign governments, including the Ministers of Justice, Interior, and Defense.

Starting as a police officer in a small town in Illinois, Mr. Fuentes’ career has taken him to the highest levels of law enforcement on the international stage. In his 29 years with the FBI, he managed investigations of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, espionage, cybercrime, white collar crime, organized crime, civil rights, public corruption, and violent crime. He directed joint terrorism task forces comprised of federal, state, local and intelligence agencies.

As Assistant Director, Office of International Operations, Mr. Fuentes managed 400 agents and staff around the world. He set up the joint FBI/People’s Republic of China (PRC) Working Group in 2004 and worked with senior Chinese officials to deploy assets for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

As Special Agent in Charge, Mr. Fuentes managed FBI investigative and analytical activities throughout Iraq in 2003 and led the investigations of the bombings of the Jordanian embassy and United Nations headquarters in Baghdad. As Chief of the Organized Crime Section, Mr. Fuentes traveled to over 76 countries where he established partnerships with foreign government agencies in support of joint FBI international operations. He created the Budapest Project, which continues to be a highly successful organized crime task force. It includes FBI agents and Hungarian National Police Officers and has resulted in the arrest and incarceration of more than 25 members of a Russian organized crime group.

Mr. Fuentes directed FBI participation in the Italian American Working group, coordinated the FBI/National Police Agency of Japan Working Group, and established INTERPOL’s Project Millennium which addressed Russian organized crime groups, and Project Bridge aimed at Chinese crime groups that traffic over one million people from the PRC to Western Europe, Australia, and North America. He has advised foreign governments on both legislation and techniques required to fight organized crime. His efforts have resulted in legislative changes in numerous countries.

Mr. Fuentes joined Morris & McDaniel in 2013.



Dr. Mark Mincy, Senior Consultant, has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in General Science from the University of Central Arkansas.

He holds memberships in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, American Society for Training and Development, International Society for Performance Improvement, American Psychological Association, Society for Human Resource Management, Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology), and the Deming Institute for Quality.

Prior to joining Morris & McDaniel, Mr. Mincy worked as a Consultant for the Center for Applied Organizational Studies, where he assisted in the development of a person-organization fit instrument to be used in employee selection, conducted various job analyses, developed, analyzed, and made improvements to administrative as well as developmental performance-appraisal systems (360-degree feedback system), developed, conducted, statistically analyzed, and presented results from organizational surveys for organizations ranging in size from 10 to 10,000 employees. He also assisted in the development of several training programs in both the public and private sector.

While at USM and UALR, Mr. Mincy assisted senior professors in research and data collection. His graduate work included teaching undergraduate courses such as Statistics, Ethics, and Introductory Psychology. In addition, it included diverse research projects involving employee-attitude surveys, personality studies, and developing various survey instruments.

Since joining the firm, he has become involved with developing competency models, the development of employee-selection tests for use in China, and the development and validation of various entry-level and promotional tests.

Mr. Mincy has considerable experience conducting candidate orientation sessions, working with the SMEs in the development and review of written test and performance-based exercises, written test and performance-based assessment administration, conducting assessor training and monitoring of the scoring process by assessors, and conducting a 2nd Review Process (Appeal/Review) by test candidates.



Dr. Whitlow, Regional Director and Lead Psychometrician of our Louisiana office, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies. She obtained a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, with concentration in Psychometrics, from the University of Southern Mississippi and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Louisiana State University.

While at LSU, Dr. Whitlow assisted senior professors in research, data collection and statistics. Her graduate work included an assistantship to a tenured professor requiring undergraduate teaching, research for the Department of Psychology chairman, data analysis as well as psychometrics. Dr. Whitlow’s doctoral dissertation was an original study of the application of an independent work ethic dimension to the success rate within law enforcement personnel. She holds membership in the Academic Honor Societies of Gamma Beta Phi and Psi Chi and is a professional member of American Psychological Association and Louisiana Psychological Association.

Dr. Whitlow’s responsibilities for Morris & McDaniel are diverse. Dr. Whitlow conducts all psychological screening of police applicants for our clients in the Greater New Orleans area as well as all executive management assessments for our private New Orleans area clientele. Dr. Whitlow has extensive experience in interviewing and testing and has served as an expert witness for law enforcement testing for selection.

Prior to joining Morris & McDaniel, Dr. Whitlow held the position as primary psychometrician for two psychological practices as well as neuropsychological assessor for several New Orleans hospitals.

Dr. Whitlow has been with Morris & McDaniel since 1990.



Dr. Rain has worked as the Chief Scientist with Morris & McDaniel for over 30 years including several testing projects for numerous protective services. He has extensive experience conducting job analysis, implementing assessments, validating selection procedures, and developing methods to reduce adverse impact. He has conducted job analysis for over 28 years for many protective services. Dr. Rain received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, and his PH. D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana State University.



Judith Thompson, Vice President of Psychometric Services, holds a Master of Education in Psychometry, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with areas of concentration in Diagnostic Reading and Fine Arts. Ms. Thompson has conducted educational testing and consulting and has taught courses in related areas of psychology. She holds membership in the National Association of Psychometrists and is a Licensed Psychometrist.

While at Morris & McDaniel, Ms. Thompson has worked with numerous publicand private-sector clients. Ms. Thompson has participated in all phases of test and exercise development for both entry-level and promotional processes, including job analysis; test and exercise construction, review, and administration; assessor training and scoring of assessment center exercises; and validation and technical report writing for clients.

She has participated in numerous validation studies: job analysis development and validation of written test and assessment exercises. Ms. Thompson also conducts statistical analyses of data and writes technical reports for clients. Ms. Thompson also conducts psychological evaluations.

Ms. Thompson has been with Morris & McDaniel since 2000.



Kimberly Anderson-Martin, Vice-President of Operations, holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Psychometrics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and minors in English and Psychology.

During her tenure at Morris & McDaniel, Ms. Anderson-Martin has over twenty years of experience in working within the field of public safety testing. She has designed promotional and entry-level assessments for both large and small agencies throughout the United States, including Atlanta Fire Rescue, Austin Fire Department, Houston Fire and Police Departments, and Memphis Fire Department. She specializes in developing and administering practical assessments for Fire Driver/Engineer/Technician and physical ability tests for Police and Fire Departments. She manages the functions of Job Analysis, Exercise Development, and the Certification division within the organization. Ms. Anderson-Martin conducts assessor training and delivers training and informational presentations to a variety of audiences.

Ms. Anderson-Martin has been with Morris & McDaniel since 2000.



Mayra Prado, Director of Statistical Analysis, holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting with a minor in Business. Ms. Prado works closely with departments in the capacity of project manager and liaison; conducts the administration of assessment centers and written tests; supervises scoring procedures, such as compiling and verifying data; creates feedback reports and final lists; and analyzes data for debriefings and final reports.

While at Morris & McDaniel, Inc., Ms. Prado has participated in all phases of entry-level and promotional processes. She has served as project manager for numerous police and fire organizations. In addition, Ms. Prado has conducted numerous job analyses and participated in the development of testing instruments, as well as administration and scoring of performance-based assessment exercises and written knowledge-based tests for police and fire organizations.

While at Morris & McDaniel, Inc. Ms. Prado has participated in other special projects such as an organizational study for a large Department.

Ms. Prado has been with Morris & McDaniel, Inc., since 2009.



Molly McDonald, Director of Testing Services, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in English.

Ms. McDonald works closely with various clients as a project manager and liaison. She oversees all aspects of written, knowledge-based exams to include writing and reviewing test items; compiling and reviewing source materials for anticipated exams; working with subject matter experts to validate exams; assigning and managing the work of independent contractors; overseeing the work of staff involved in written, knowledge-based exams; supervising the production of all testing materials; and the administration of written exams.

Ms. McDonald also performs job analyses; develops and administers performance-based exercises for various police and fire departments; and ensures compliance with contract requirements. In the past, she served as assistant project manager of the Mississippi State Personnel Board Quality Workforce Initiative Project, conducting job analyses for over 500 public-sector jobs. In addition to conducting job analyses through technical conferences, this project involved developing competency models for state employees, updating and validating state job descriptions for ADA and EEOC compliance, and writing technical validation reports.

Ms. McDonald has been with Morris & McDaniel since 2003.



Elizabeth Wood Wilson, Vice-President of Contract Performance and Client Services, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Ms. Wilson is responsible for leading Client Consulting Services (public safety contracts) to include product development and delivery efforts by planning, coordinating, and overseeing client consulting activities within the organization. With extensive experience leading large-scale public-sector projects, she partners with clients on the development and implementation of testing programs

Since joining the company in 2010, Ms. Wilson has participated in all areas of test validation, development of testing instruments (to include, but not limited to, knowledge-based written tests, situational judgement tests, and oral performance-based assessment exercises) and design of administration logistics for numerous public safety clients. She has partnered with clients on the development and implementation of all elements of testing projects to ensure critical responsibilities are being met.

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