Personnel Testing

Nuclear Energy

The test battery was designed to assist in the selection of entry-level personnel for the nuclear energy field. Each component assesses crucial skills and abilities required for success in that field. The battery has been validated to predict the success of entry-level personnel in the nuclear energy industry. It comprises separate tests, each focusing on assessing specific skills and abilities relevant to the nuclear energy field. Additionally, a video-based exercise is offered to evaluate important dimensions for effective work performance in nuclear energy roles. The comprehensive battery is available in both paper-and-pencil and computerized versions. The paper version includes administration manuals, while the computerized version simplifies test administration. Test administration and management are straightforward, requiring only basic computer skills.

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Reading Test for
Security Personnel (RTS)

remote proctoring

Job Analysis

We examine current job descriptions and task lists for the role to ensure we understand its intricacies.  Leveraging this insight, we’ll refine our evaluation tools to pinpoint candidates possessing the vital skills and abilities that are essential for optimal performance in the position.


Candidate Profile
Summary (CPS)


Candidate Orientation

The purpose of the Candidate Profile Summary (CPS) is to assess the integrity, work ethic, and service orientation of security personnel candidates. The test is recommended to be used as a method to fast-tracking highly desired candidates.


Entry-Level Security
Test (ELS)

Entry-Level Security Test (ELS)

This exam can also be purchased separately.

The purpose of the Entry-Level Security Test (ELS) is to identify those individuals who possess the abilities needed to be successful as security personnel. The abilities measured are spatial orientation, problem sensitivity, semantic ordering, flexibility of closure, verbal comprehension, visualization, memorization, and inductive reasoning. This test is recommended to be used as a hurdle to continue with selection process or as a guide in determining best candidates.


Oral Process


Structured Oral Process

This exam can also be purchased separately.


The purpose of the Structured Oral Presentation Exercise (SOP) is to measure performance dimensions important for effective law enforcement work, such as judgment, problem identification and analysis, oral communication, and service orientation. This test is recommended to be used for ranking candidates.


  • Remote Administration
  • Morris & McDaniel will use remote proctors to administer the assessment center exercises via a secure Teams meeting.
  • Candidates will be audio and video recorded in their responses to the exercise questions via the remote connection.
  • Candidates are assessed on five important dimensions, including decision making and identifying and analyzing problems.
  • The jurisdiction will need to provide a location, laptops with webcam/microphone, and internet connection.

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