Entry-Level Fire

Morris & McDaniel has developed valid entry-level firefighter selection instruments which help decision-makers in an improved method of selecting qualified individuals who have a higher predictor for success and will assess specific skills and abilities necessary to be a successful firefighter. Methodologies of this selection instrument focus on knowledge, skills, abilities, and other traits, based on the entry-level firefighter specification. The selection process consists of a Reading Ability Test, Entry-Level Examination for Fire. The Reading Ability Procedure (RAP) is a short test that assesses the candidate’s ability to read. A basic reading ability is assessed on a pass/fail basis. It is recommended to administer this test to all applicants first in the process and treated as a multiple hurdle which the candidate must pass. The Entry-Level Exam for Fire has been used successfully to create valid lists achieving outstanding diversity. This test is available as an online form.

Firefighter Assessment & Testing

The last thing you want is for your team of firefighters to go into a rescue unprepared for what’s in front of them. At Morris & McDaniel, we want you to have the best team of qualified professionals possible to get the job done in a crisis. As such, we’ve developed a comprehensive series of firefighter skills assessments to ensure each of your candidates has the skillset necessary for the role. Whether it be their physical prowess or their core integrity, your recruits will be able to showcase these assets and demonstrate their readiness with our firefighter assessment and testing services.

Utilizing our own firefighter candidate assessment program called S.H.I.E.L.D.®, which was designed with industry decision makers in mind, we carefully assess a recruit’s specific skills and abilities. S.H.I.E.L.D.® itself contains three different tests with video-based, structured exercises meant to challenge and bring out the best in each candidate. Please note that these firefighter skills assessments are available in both written and digital versions, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your department’s operational structure. We also work hard to ensure that each business can utilize this firefighter assessment and testing service with minimal complications for the test administrator. Here’s a breakdown of the specific tests in this package and what to expect from them.

Test Battery

Reading Test For Fire (RTF)

Firefighter pre-job and on-the-job training both require a certain level of reading and comprehension skills to absorb the material and get the most from each session. This reading test ensures that your candidates can read sufficiently enough to understand the material and absorb information in a timely manner.

Candidate Profile Summary For Fire (CPS-F)

This firefighter candidate assessment ensures your recruits are a good personal match for the role. From assessing their overall integrity to their work ethic, drive, and desire to serve, this panel will be necessary for establishing their readiness.

Entry-Level Fire Test (ELF)

The entry-level test, on the other hand, is meant to assess a candidate’s particular set of skills and whether they align well with the firefighter occupation. Some tested abilities include verbal comprehension, visualization, memory, and problem sensitivity. Passing this panel ensures a recruit is ready for the next stage of training.

Structured Oral Presentation Exercise (SOP)

In this exercise, the candidate must demonstrate effective oral communication, judgment, and problem identification skills. They do so by walking through a scenario that best allows you to measure these characteristics.

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