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In early 2003, Morris & McDaniel launched an intensive program to take its proven human resource and educational testing services to the international market. Realizing the tremendous economic development that was occurring in the Middle East region, Morris and McDaniel International (MMI), has focused its primary effort in that region. This effort has met with great success. The company has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of Defense to establish workable programs to screen police and military personnel in Iraq and has received substantial praise for its efforts in the most difficult of circumstances. Additionally, MMI has established testing operations in both the Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain and is working diligently to spread its operation to other parts of the region. MMI now has invaluable experience in translating its inventory of widely-accepted tests from English to Arabic and refining the tests to a particular region to account for societal and linguistic issues. As a result, the company can now assist clients in recognizing their particular testing needs and then move quickly to implement a screening program that is uniquely tailored to each client’s particular requirements.
MMI is now offering screening tools to clients in the Middle East with special emphasis on the following fields that are crucial to the continued economic development of the region:
  • Security provider organizations including police, military, paramilitary organizations, fire protection, detention and correctional guards, personal security guards, facilities protection forces, border guards, and customs officers;
  • Employees in all aspects of petroleum production and refinement where employee skills and psychological reliability are essential to prevent infiltration by subversive groups;
  • Employees in the travel industry, in all fields from critical aircraft maintenance to effective, service oriented employees dealing with the public;
  • Hospitality industry employees, including such areas as food service and hotel management and support;
Educational assessment programs and testing to aid in:
  • Objective evaluation of student achievement at all levels;
  • Curriculum development to improve instructional effort;
  • Instructor assessment and training programs.
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