Healthcare Employment Test Battery
The Morris and McDaniel Healthcare Employment Test Battery is a computerized test battery that greatly reduces the administration workload.  In the typical application, the candidate receives only a brief introduction from the administrator.  All other instruction and testing is accomplished by the candidate interacting with the computerized test. Test administration and management is uncomplicated and requires only basic computer skills such as facility with a computer mouse. The hospital battery has been reliably validated to predict the success of an employee. The Test Battery comprises of either three or four separate tests (the clerical exam is only given to clerical jobs), each one designed to focus on the assessment of specific skills and abilities.

Candidate Profile Summary (CPS)

The Candidate Profile Summary (CPS) assesses the integrity, work ethic, and service orientation of employees, and can be used as a valuable tool in the hiring process for hospitals.  The CPS predicts overall job performance to a high degree.  Validation studies also demonstrate the CPS’s ability to predict success in the following performance dimensions: demonstrating caring and empathy for patients and coworkers, attending to the quality concerns in products or services, adhering to hospital policy and procedures, maintaining a positive work ethic, following hospital safety and health guidelines, reacting positively to stressful situations, and many others.

Memory for Oral Instructions Exam

The Memory for Oral Instructions Exam assess the candidate’s skills and abilities in following basic oral instructions.  This test is excellent for positions that require the employee to retain a substantial amount of verbal information.

Morris Learning Aptitude Test

The Morris Learning Aptitude Test will assess the ability of an individual to learn new skills and to acquire new knowledge.  This test is effective in measuring the capacity of an employee to learn new procedures on the job or to adapt to new equipment or software.

Clerical Exam

The Clerical Exam assesses the ability to effectively handle tasks common to clerical staff.  This test measures a candidate’s ability to edit and identify mistakes in documents, gather information, make logical decisions, and follow directions.

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