Organizational Development

Our firm has designed and conducted organizational studies for a variety of organizations including design studies involving numerous disciplines. For example, police organizations, statewide departments of education, insurance, welfare, environmental engineering, and tax departments to name a few. Our experience has taught us that, in accomplishing this purpose, there are certain universal principles that apply to any organization. We are well grounded in this area based on our years of experience in the field. In addition to our in-house experience and expertise, we understand the importance, in each individual project, of involving subject matter experts in system design having special knowledge of the issues relating to that particular project. We have substantial experience in locating and retaining the assistance of such experts having the necessary particularized skills. Outside experts would include both (a) persons with advanced knowledge in the general subject matter of the organization, and (b) persons having knowledge of unique organizational concerns and related situation-specific issues that would influence system design and, perhaps more critically, affect the drafting of effective operating procedures. Our firm has extensive experience in working within this framework to design specific jobs, units and an overall organizational structure.

Performance Appraisal And Merit Pay Systems

Morris & McDaniel has considerable experience in developing and implementing performance appraisal and merit pay systems. Our goal is to provide a system that is easily adaptable across a wide variety of occupations. Therefore, we include mutual goal-setting, behavioral performance standards, and feedback and appeal procedures, as well as performance appraisal manuals for supervisors and training programs for all levels of employees.


Training is an integral part of any personnel system.Morris & McDaniel has extensive experience in developing and conducting training programs for the public and private sectors. We have developed training programs in conjunction with other projects; such as assessor training in an assessment center as well as, customized job skills training for private companies.

Organizational Effectiveness And Analysis

Often, decision makers know that their organization can be more efficient, but they are sometimes too involved to identify the full problem. A detailed examination of the organization conducted to assess the needs in the areas of restructuring, training, reclassifying, etc., should be performed to identify underlying organizational problems and possible solutions. Morris & McDaniel involves the use of analytical techniques to determine the effectiveness or utility of the organization as a whole and of departments within the organization to acquire a total organizational effectiveness measurement.

Job Analysis

Job analysis is the basis for all personnel management systems including test development, performance appraisal, staffing procedures, human resource planning, job classification and evaluation, and training program development. The job analysis procedure identifies work tasks and behaviors and the knowledges, skills and abilities required to perform these tasks. Morris & McDaniel has many years of experience in conducting job analyses for a broad range of blue and white collar occupations in both the private and public sectors. We have developed job analysis procedures that have withstood legal challenges on several occasions. We have designed and presented seminar programs for managerial personnel and job analysts on multi-purpose job analysis techniques.

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