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We provide a range of testing and assessment tools that identify those individuals within the organization having the necessary skills, abilities, temperament, and work history to best serve in leadership roles in the organization. Our processes have also proven themselves effective in the important area of establishing ethnic and gender diversity in the leadership ranks. No matter the purpose of the organization, a skilled and competent workforce is at the core of that organization’s success. The first and critical step in building that effective workforce is selecting those individuals having the skills and abilities that are needed to perform effectively in the target position. Training is unquestionably important, but the best-designed and financed training program is destined to fail if the right personnel are not selected on the front end at the time of hire.
Morris & McDaniel has over 47 years’ experience in identifying the necessary duties that must be performed in each job within an organization, from entry level through management, and then designing testing protocols and other assessment tools that help to measure a candidate’s ability to learn those skills and perform them effectively within the organization. One thing we have learned in our years in the business is that, when an organization relies on generic off-the-shelf testing or unstructured interviews to determine hiring and promotion decisions, the slight cost savings on the front end are quickly erased by the costs associated with the poor performance that is almost certain to flow from uninformed personnel decisions, even when made with the best of intentions. The Return on Investment that flows from allowing us to assist your organization in these difficult decisions having far-reaching consequences will, without question, result in a substantial net gain for your organization. Contact us today and let us discuss your needs and our proposed solutions without charge or obligation.
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