Promotional Assessments

promotional assessment
Making promotional decisions is often a difficult task. Frequently, the most qualified candidate for promotion is not clearly evident, based on performance ratings or other criteria collected by the jurisdiction. Written promotional exams are a useful tool in determining the best candidate for promotion in these situations. Morris & McDaniel can provide written promotional knowledge exams for your jurisdictions to help select the most qualified candidates. Promotional knowledge exams are based on the rank for which the jurisdiction is assessing. The exact knowledge areas are confirmed by each jurisdiction purchasing the exam. Potential knowledge areas include the following: Criminal investigations; Rules of Evidence; Constitutional Rights; Relevant State/City/County Codes and Laws; Arrest Procedures; Report Writing; and Laws. Morris & McDaniel Inc. can provide you with either a customized exam taken from a constructed reading list, or a customized exam taken from sources recommended by the organization, i.e., specific books, department rules and regulates.

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