Promotional Law Enforcement

promotional law enforcement test
No matter the size of your law enforcement jurisdiction, it is crucial that the organization has an effective, highly skilled, and diverse leadership team at all supervisory ranks. Determining those individuals within the organization best suited to serve as leaders is a difficult and complex process. There are numerous attributes that contribute to the likelihood that a particular candidate for promotion would serve competently in the role. These attributes are not easily measured by such things as stand-alone multiple-choice tests. These tests can be effective in measuring certain attributes such as cognitive ability and job knowledge; however, there is a range of other attributes, such as the ability to size up a situation and determine the best course forward, or the ability to communicate effectively with others, that are equally as important but cannot be measured by a written test. Similarly, unstructured interviews by untrained interviewers or interview boards, undertaken with the best intentions, are unlikely to produce a satisfactory outcome.
Our company can provide multiple techniques and tools to evaluate the field of eligible candidates and provide accurate information regarding the potential of each one to function in the target position; thereby permitting the jurisdiction to make informed promotional decisions that ensure the success of the organization in meeting its vital role of protecting the people and property of the community. We also have a proven track record showing that those best-suited candidates come from a diverse group in terms of gender and ethnicity that will help establish a leadership structure within the jurisdiction that broadly mirrors the community that the jurisdiction serves, thereby fostering good relations with all segments of the community.
promotional law enforcement test

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