Fire Chief McDaniel, Test Prep Coach

Read each scenario carefully and consider the key issues you need to address. Type your response in the provided space, focusing on clear and concise communication. After submitting your response, the AI coach will provide feedback on how to improve your answers. Use this feedback to refine your approach and enhance your performance in real test situations.


This preparation material is intended to help you prepare for the Structured Oral Process portion of the test. In that part of the test, you will be given a number of hypothetical scenarios and asked to give your oral response as to how you would deal with the situation.

In the actual test, your oral responses will be recorded for later evaluation by a panel of trained raters. Your responses to the prep exercises you are about to encounter will NOT take the form of a recorded oral presentation. Rather, you will be entering your responses in text using your keyboard. However, you should formulate your response to address the same issues as you will when you are responding orally on test day.

This material is intended to give you some familiarity with the type of scenarios you might encounter and to give you practice on identifying issues and formulating an effective response while operating under timed conditions.

Your responses will be evaluated using an automated process that will consider the same issues that the raters will use to score your actual presentation. You will get printed feedback that will be helpful in making your actual presentations on test day as effective as possible.

In addition to the helpful suggestions provided by the prep exercise feedback, we suggest that you spend some time practicing giving oral responses to the scenarios that you record (needs changing to typed) on your computer to review. This will give you a comfort level in how the process will work, as well as the chance to look for ways you might improve your oral presentation techniques.


Test Timer


The timer is set for 4 minutes, giving you a realistic timeframe to formulate and input your responses.

You can start, stop, and reset the timer as needed, but aim to complete each scenario within the allotted time to build your time management skills.